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Top 10 Miami nightclubs

Miami is  a place where a large number of celebrities live, vacation, and party, adding to the chic and excitement of Miami nightlife. It is a very colorful city with a large number of bars and nightclubs to satisfy the night owl.
Nightclubs and Miami’s bars  are world famous due to the ever increasingly amount of influx into the city, and its fun, party atmosphere.
Whatever type of nightlife you enjoy, you will find something to your taste Miami. There are laid-back bars where you can go and enjoy music to your taste, whether it is jazz, blues, or Latin music.

Practically every club in the area has installed closely guarded velvet ropes to create an air of exclusivity. Don’t be fooled or intimidated by them — anyone can go clubbing in the Magic City, and throughout this guide, I’ve provided tips to ensure you gain entry to the venue you want to go to. Read more »