Greatest Ski Resorts in Germany

Even though Germany is not greatly popular with skiing vacations and  holidays, it still receives its fair share of those visitors who don’t seem to like overpaying for an Austrian adventure. Germany boasts a variety of sophisticated resorts, glacier skiing, and serene mountain hideaways that will accommodate nearly every taste imaginable. The numerous ski areas that dot the Bavarian Alps’ landscape are probably some of the better choices for skiing and snowboarding as well.

Berlin area

Though most would think that Berlin is too flat of an area to afford any decent skiing, you might be surprised. Schöneswochenende offers a nice network of cross-country opportunities and the next village along the route – Braunlage – offers you some decent downhill skiing. You can travel to Altenberg which lies on the Czech border if you want the best cross-country skiing in the area.


Located between Lake Constance, Munich, and Stuttgart is Oberstdorf -Germany’s 2nd most popular ski area and rival of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in both popularity and quality of skiing. Though Oberstdorf is considerably more cosmopolitan, it is renowned for its wide array of lodging facilities and ski-jumping competitions. The skiing opportunities here are the most extensive anywhere in Germany, with Fellhorn/Kleinwalsertal being the principal ski area.

 Baden Baden

Sitting literally on Baden Baden‘s doorstep is the Mehliskopf and it is literally a paradise for cross-country skiers having over 600 miles of ski routes. There are also several snow-making machines to enhance the pistes as well.
In recent times, these top German skiing destinations have had footfalls from all over the world. If you are planning a trip to any of these skiing destinations, make a good travel itinerary and enjoy the German hospitality.

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