Red Sea Holidays, Winter 2012 – 2013 (Egypt)

There are plenty of holiday destinations to choose from on winter holidays! But One area not to forget, when searching out some winter sun, is the Egyptian coast that lies along the country’s eastern territories.

The numerous resorts that are located on the Red Sea have a justified reputation for modern hospitality that those travelling from Western Europe would expect.
Most tourists will arrive in the region via the twin terminal airport at Sharm el-Sheikh. Sharm el Sheikh is possibly the best known of all of the Red Sea resorts.

It is well known as a base for tourists who are interested in water sports. For snorkelers and scuba divers, the resort’s clear blue waters offer an unrivalled opportunity to experience the Red Sea in all its glory. There is a huge variety of marine life to spot, including a large number of corals that inhabit the reefs. Many UK tourists who have never dived before have taken up the sport following a holiday in the region. It is always wise, for novices, to check that the various diving courses on offer are properly regulated. For those with more experience, hiring everything you need to explore the depths is available from the various dive shops.
Heading along the shoreline from Sharm el-Sheikh to the Gulf of Aqaba there are further resorts that, collectively, are known as the Red Sea Riviera. The resort of Dahab is located about 50 miles from Sharm el-Sheikh and was formerly a sleepy Bedouin fishing village. Dahab is known all over the globe as a place for windsurfing and has developed from a hostel resort for backpackers to a destination to suit all. The very predictable local sea winds, coupled with a flat sea, make for a windsurfer’s paradise.

Lying on the other side of the Red Sea, the popular coastal resort of Hurghada is a good place to choose if you want to combine a resort holiday with exploring the best of ancient Egypt. There are a large number pleasant beaches, bars, nightclubs and bazaars to discover. The area is loved by tourists of all ages, families and golfers who want to enjoy a round or two in fantastic weather.
Because Sharm el-Sheikh is located in a subtropical zone, the climate is good all year round, making it ideal for a winter break. Even in December, the average temperatures remain high and rainfall is low.

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