Best 5 Beaches in Bulgaria to Visit in 2013

Bulgaria is famous for its nice sandy beaches, which can vary from lively and sports-facilitated beach stripes to calm and beautiful campsites.
The beaches long the Bulgarian Black Sea coast can be located in the resorts, between the resorts or far away from villages, hidden from everything except the sea.
No matter what type of tourist you are: family tourist, adventure tourist or the typical sun, sand and sea tourist, you will be happy to find out that there is a variety of beaches, which can answer to your criteria.

Some of the beaches offer the traditional facilities like parasols, sun-beds, barbeque restaurants, bungee jumping, trampolines, and bananas riding, while others offer even more attractive sports like parachuting above the sea, surfing, diving or kiteboarding.
Either way, just have a cocktail, put the glasses on and enjoy.

1. Golden Sands Beach

 Golden Sands Beach
Golden Sands Resort is very popular with its long and wide fine-sanded beach stripe. The name of the resort comes from the magnificent golden sand, which covers the beaches, stretching 4 km along the seashore. The beach is only 17 km away from the biggest Black Sea city of Varna and there are regular busses to it. For its pure and tiny sands and the hot mineral springs the resort is known as “The pearl of the Bulgarian Black Seaside”. The beach offers many opportunities for entertainment and is perfect for family vacations with kids.

2. Dyuni Beach

Dyuni Beach

Dyuni Holiday Village is located 40 m south of the city of Bourgas and 7 km south of Sozopol. The 4.5 km long and up to 100 m wide beach is covered with fine golden sand and natural sand dunes. The beach is hilly and forested, the sea is safe and calm, with a gradually sloping bottom, enabling even small children to safely splash about in the water. The bay is naturally sheltered against northern winds, making it an ideal place for all kinds of water sports. From early spring till late autumn the air carries the unique fragrance of both sea and forest. Dyuni Vacation Complex offers 7 tennis courts and a couple of swimming pools at guests’ disposal.

3. Cacao Beach 

 Cacao Beach
The beach strip of Sunny Beach is more than 8 km long and about 50 meters wide. The sand is fine and at some places natural sand dunes have formed. Clean water and gently sloping sea bottom. Restaurants, bars and many sport facilities are at visitor’s disposal. There are many opportunity for sports including surfing, water skis and parachutes, hang-gliding and banana, sailing, yachts, paddle boats, cutters, scooters, beach volleyball, sports tournaments for amateurs and professionals. Cacao Beach is also famous for the great DJ summer parties, that are hold each summer by the sea.

4. Smokini Beach

Smokini Beach
Smokinite is another camping site, located 5 km south of Sozopol Sea resort. If you are looking for romance, youth atmosphere or even nudism, you can go to this campsite. The sand is fine and clean, the sea water is warm and blue, but not always calm, so beware of waves and underwater currents. The site is a favorite place for many families with caravans and motor homes. The beach is not guarded.

5. Albena Beach

Albena Beach
Albena is a Blue Flag winning resort, ideal for family holidays. It is located away from the hustle bustle and is calm and green. The beach is up to 500 metres wide and is nice and fine-grained. The sea bottom descends slowly ay a small inclination. It is a nice place for people, who like sunbathing, but try to avoid the heats, as long as air temperature in the summer is around 25°C and there are typical light refreshing winds from the sea. There are many sport entertainments: water skiing, boat-driving banana riding, water skiing, para-sailing, yachting, surfing, jets, underwater fishing, beach volleyball.




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