Brazil Holidays


From the bustling streets and vibrant carnivals of Rio to the endless green expanses of the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil is the very essence of South America. The largest country in the continent, Brazil’s staggering variety of landscapes, wildlife and culture make it an ideal destination for adventure, wildlife, family holidays or honeymoons.

From the awe inspiring Iguazu Falls and the endless wildernesses of the Pantanal and the Amazon to it’s idyllic beaches in the north and colourful, thriving cities, Brazil is without doubt South America’s iconic destination.

Brazil, the South American country offers a large number of holidays to its residents. There are National Holidays, Local or Regional Holidays as well as other holidays that are dedicated to certain events and festivities.

The list of Brazil Holidays will also be of much help to a traveler sojourning to Brazil. List of National Holidays

February – Carnival

April 1st – April First

April – Easter

May 1st – Labor Day

2nd Sunday of May – Mothers Day

June 12th – Valentines Day

2nd Sunday of August – Fathers Day

October 12th – Childrens Day

November 2nd – All Soul’s Day

December 25th – Christmas Day

December 31st – New Years Eve

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