Holidays on a Houseboat – the new trend for 2015

Berlin Houseboat Rental

Are you looking for a hip way to spend your holidays this year that won’t break the bank? Houseboats are some of the coolest and unique ways to get to know a city or region and are in more places than you think. Here’s the lowdown on what the hipster community is talking about as the latest holiday trend.

Houseboats are in some of the finest cities in the world from Amsterdam to San Francisco and Berlin to Kochi. Staying on the water gives a captivating insight into the local community and their way of life. There’s also a fascinating city or region to get to know as well giving you the best of both worlds. Or, you could go fishing in Amsterdam and Kochi and catch your own supper. Houseboats come in various sizes and range from the basic cosy vessel to a luxury pad. If you can’t do without those creature comforts you’ll find many houseboats kitted out with gadgets and fine linen.

For kids, a houseboat holiday is quite an adventure whether it is in a city like Seattle or in a rural area in Argentina. Few people realise that some of the finest houseboats in the world are in some of the most expensive cities such as Paris, Berlin and London and can be rented for a cost effective and fun vacation on the water. If you are worried about seasickness or navigation then you’ll be delighted to discover that houseboats don’t move. You will, of course, hear the lapping of water which can be very relaxing.

If you want to explore an interesting part of the world in a unique way then take a look at which has some beautiful houseboats to rent. Before you know it you’ll be watching the sun go down on deck and relaxing on an amazing holiday.


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