Guided Sightseeing Tour By Bike In Cologne

Guided Sightseeing Tour By Bike In Cologne

Planning a vacation trip can be a bit of a work and it takes no rocket science to know that travelling digs deep into the pockets especially when the whole family is involved. Having so much fun and some information on the sides should not be very costly. But most travellers are not well informed hence they end up spending more than double the amount they should have spent and do not even have the desired fun experience and satisfaction. If you are thinking of your next vacation and you want fun at an affordable cost, Cologne is the city you should visit. A sightseeing tour Cologne gives you so much satisfaction you do not want it to stop.

Cologne is one the oldest major cities in Germany full of rich history and beautiful scenery that are sure to thrill every visitor. Just like any other major city however, Cologne has its own bit of the traffic and this can be really annoying especially for tourists that want to have all that the beautiful city has to offer in a short space of time. A bike tour in Cologne accompanied by a guide Cologne is what makes the fun full and worthwhile. A sightseeing tour in Cologne with a guide helps the tourist move around the beautiful city in just about three hours and gives you the full feel of the city.

There is no better way to learn and experience the rich history of Cologne that dates back to about 2000 years ago. A guided bike tour ensures the safest route that makes sure the most important sights in Cologne are fully combed and tourists are left will memories that will last for a long time. From the Roman period of the Middle Ages to the most recent architectural edifices, sightseeing tours and Cologne is the perfect match.  

Some sightseeing companies offer services that will wow tourists. One of such companies is Colonia Aktiv. With bike rental that starts from nine Euros, tourists are guaranteed fun that suits the pocket. There are guided tours available for individuals, families, groups, and even schools at very affordable cost. In just three hours, tourist are guided through the fascinating city of Cologne and with experienced guides on hand, educative information is dispensed as required.

Colonia Activ provide sightseeing tours that makes sure every second spent is not only fun but informative. The company stands out among its peers due to excellent services rendered with testimonies and reviews coming from past customers.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and tourists will be actively involved throughout the tour will ensures there is no dull moment. With about 2000 years of history, every experience is unique and tourists will eagerly anticipate the next stop.

The company promotes the green revolution and that is why it provides the tourists the opportunity to get to know Cologne in an Eco sensitive way. There are no emissions from our bike tour Cologne and tourists do not have to get stuck in traffic. With the premium brand TRENGA being the maker of our bicycles, the safety of the tourists comes first. The bikes are optimized for urban traffic, equipped with brakes in the front and at the rear. The bikes also come with big baskets that allow travellers move around with their hand luggage.

The tour guides are experts and after a tour of the most beautiful and interesting places in Cologne, travellers will actually be tempted to stay in Cologne.

No trip is complete without some food and that is why there are breaks on the tour to let tourists know what it feels like to dine in some of the best Cafes and beer gardens in Cologne. Though the tours are in English, on special request, the tour guides can offer this service in many other languages.

These and more are what tourists get by signing up for a sightseeing tour Cologne with Colonia Aktiv. It is no wonder tourists and travelers from around the world make Colonia Aktiv the best company for their guided tours in Cologne. It is fun, affordable, and educative.

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